Membership fees

Tiered Fees Weeks Euro fee 2024 Euro fee 2023 % inc in euro fees
Two bedroom townhouse  29 -34 1.232,00 1.176,00   4.8
Two bedroom townhouse  25 - 28 1.200,00 1.145,00   4.8
Two bedroom townhouse  10-24 & 35-43 &  51 - 52 1.170,00 1.116,00   4.8
Two bedroom townhouse  1-9 & 44-50 1.138,00 1.086,00   4.8
Two bedroom apartment  29 -34 1.207,00 1.152,00   4.8
Two bedroom apartment  25 - 28 1.175,00 1.121,00   4.8
Two bedroom apartment  10-24 & 35-43 &  51 - 52 1.144,00 1.092,00   4.8
Two bedroom apartment 1-9 & 44-50 1.113,00 1.062,00   4.8
One bedroom apartment  29 -34 1.020,00   973,00   4.8
One bedroom apartment  25 - 28   991,00   946,00   4.8
One bedroom apartment  10-24 & 35-43 &  51 - 52   963,00   919,00   4.8
One bedroom apartment  1-9 & 44-50   931,00   888,00   4.8

 Membership fees include:

• 24 hour security services.
• Clubhouse operation, 24 hr reception and services, bar and restaurant.
• Clubhouse maintenance, electricity, water, etc.
• Club management services.
• Daily Maid service.
• Linen and towel service.
• Onsite Maintenance service.
• Recreational facilities i.e. swimming pools, Jacuzzi, steam room, gymnasium.
• Children’s playground.
• Satellite Television. 60+ channels in a number of languages.
• Internet.
• Maintenance and operation of mini-market.
• Garden maintenance.
• Maintenance of villa interiors and exteriors, including painting and refurbishment.
• Road maintenance.
• Water.
• Electricity used in villa during stay and in the clubhouse, gardens etc.
• All rates to the local council and Quinta do Lago.
• Rubbish removal from villas and collection from the resort.
• All necessary and applicable insurances.
• Accounting and data processing.
• Audit & Legal fees.
• Office supplies and Postage.

Sliding scale discounts based on volume ownership.

For the purpose of sliding scale discounts winter weeks are considered to be those between week 44 and week 9. Owners of one or two weeks’ pay the full amount of the membership fee. For owners with 3 or more weeks, capped at 5, there is a sliding scale discount based on the number of weeks owned. This is:

• 15% for members owning 3 weeks
• 20% for members owning 4 weeks
• 25% for members owning 5 weeks or more.

Ownership can be of any combination of villa types and any distribution of villas within this period. The discount though only applies to ONE contract so if ownership is held under different contracts the discount does not apply. Main considerations relating to sliding scale weeks:

•Sliding scale discounts ONLY apply to the period between week 44 and week 9
•Sliding scale discounts apply to one contract number ONLY. If weeks are owned under different contract
numbers/names they are not eligible for the discount.
•On a case by case basis we will consider widening the above, if for example the number of DIRECT family members
exceeds the maximum allowed on the certificate. Direct family means Father/Mother – Son/daughter.
•The discount is a percentage, so is applied to the total fee for the number of weeks eligible. They can be different
villa types and weeks do not have to be consecutive. They just have to fall between weeks 44 to 9
•If multiple weeks are owned, no discount applies to weeks outside this period. E.g. member owns weeks 44 – 47
(4 weeks) discount would be 20%. Member owns weeks 8 -11 (4 weeks) – no discount applies as only 2 weeks fall
within the discount period. Member owns weeks 20 -23 (4 weeks) – no discount applies as all weeks are outside
the discount period. Member owns weeks 44, 2 & 3 and week 34 – discount applies to the 3 weeks that fall in
the discount period but not to the other week, which is outside of that period.
•If a member wishes to extend his ownership of weeks and that brings him into these bands and the week is still in
the future then the appropriate discount can be applied. E.g. Member owns weeks 44 & 45. No discount applies
and he has paid his fees in full for the 2 weeks. If he then decides to buy week 46, within the current year, to add
to this, this would make him eligible for the 15% discount on the 3 weeks, so long as this transaction takes
place BEFORE the date of occupation of the week.
•It is also important to clarify that if any of the weeks falling under this promotion are sold in the year of occupancy, the sliding scale discount will be affected. This means that the discount applied will be deducted from the refund of the membership fees related to that week. As an example, if a Member has 4 weeks falling under the sliding scale discount, a 20% discount applies to the fees. However, if the Member sells two of those weeks, in the current year of occupancy, then, he/she will cease, in that year, to have 4 weeks in that period and only have 2 weeks. As an owner of 2 weeks, the discount is no longer applicable. The amount that was given as a discount will then be deducted when the membership fees of the sold weeks are refunded. If the unit week has been occupied by the vendor in the year of its sale, then the discount still applies. The opposite of course also applies, in that a member buying a week falling under the sliding scale interval will also have a discount applied to the member fees for the entire period. For example, a member owning 2 weeks under that period and buying a third one also within that period will be entitled to a 15% discount on the fees of those same three weeks. In assessing eligibility for the sliding scale discount when weeks are bought and sold, the principle is that a discount can only be claimed once in respect of any villa week during a calendar year.

The winter weeks currently also benefit from the €100 (euro) voucher to use (only) on food and beverage in the clubhouse. This covers the period from week 44 to week 12; that is all weeks within that period. This effectively provides a discount on the fees paid in those weeks.

Average rates 2018 – 2024

 Euro 2018 2019   2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 % inc 2024/2023
 T3 1.004,94 1.032,76 1.053,67 1.053,67 1.053,67 1,116.51 1,170.24   4.8%
 T2 983,82  1.010,65 1.031,18 1.031,18 1.031,18 1,092.51 1,144.73  4.8%
 T1 844,12 849,61  866,51 866,51  866,51 918.35 962,49 4.8%